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PersonalFit breast shields

PersonalFit breast shields to meet your personal needs.

PersonalFit breast shields

A correctly sized breast shield is essential for effective pumping. This is why Medela offers five sizes of PersonalFit breast shields to meet your personal needs.

Available at these retailers:

The right fit for you

Every woman is unique – one breast shield size does not fit all. For this reason, Medela offers five PersonalFit breast shields with different tunnel sizes to match your personal needs. Help to optimise your milk flow by choosing a correctly-fitting breast shield.

For effective pumping, combine PersonalFit breast shields with Medela breast pumps: Freestyle, Swing maxi, Swing, Harmony and Mini Electric.

Benefits of PersonalFit breast shields

Medela offers five different sizes of PersonalFit breast shields.

Package contains two breast shields.

The breast shields are made from BPA-free materials.

Different sizes allow you to find your right fit for effective pumping.

The right fit helps to optimise milk flow.

For double pumping or a spare breast shield.

BPA-free – safe for you and your baby.

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Reviews for Harmony Flex

I LOOOOVE this pump so much, easy expression, easy to use

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Amazing product, would recommend this to anyone

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